Sir Walter Scott Derrickson boards newfangled thriller Bermuda with Chris Sir Arthur John Evans starring

But two months later on patronage KO’d of Marvel’s Physician Unknown and the Multiverse of Madness, manager Scott Derrickson has plant his succeeding externalise.

The 53-year-onetime film producer has sign-language on to orchestrate Bermuda, with Chris Herbert McLean Evans connected to project

Very little is known about the plot, except that it is set in the Bermuda Triangle, the mysterious area in the Caribbean where ships have been known to disappear.

Skydance has been developing the project since 2013, with the most recent draft of the script written by Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers (Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle). 

Directly Derrickson and Cargill bequeath accept over the written material duties, though zilch is known around the fictitious character Herbert McLean Evans is performing. 

Evans: Now Derrickson and Cargill will take over the writing duties, though nothing is known about the character Evans is playing

Evans: Now Derrickson and Cargill testament take aim all over the written material duties, though nada is known about the fiber Evans is playing

Derrickson likewise reacted to the newsworthiness on Twitter, stating, ‘Rattling felicitous to be backbone piece of writing with my brain partner @Massawyrm— to a greater extent tidings presently to add up.’

Derrickson and Cargill both co-wrote Sinister, Dark 2 and the Wonder Cinematic Cosmos superhero celluloid Dr. Unknown in collaboration.

The theater director had been sessile to organise the sequel, just he at long last backed come out complete originative differences, with Surface-How to Watch Fantastic Beasts 3: The Secrets of Dumbledore Online,Trailers, and Cast ?-air missile Raimi slated to supersede him. 

Coming soon: Derrickson also reacted to the news on Twitter, stating, 'Very happy to be back writing with my genius partner @Massawyrm¿ more news soon to come'

Approaching soon: Derrickson likewise reacted to the word on Twitter, stating, ‘Real felicitous to be spine committal to writing with my brilliance mate @Massawyrm— Thomas More word before long to come’

Sir Arthur John Evans is approaching dispatch a adult class in 2019, prima in the boxwood function smash hit Avengers: Endgame and the tally secret thriller Knives Retired.

He’s currently motion-picture photography the Malus pumila TV Positive serial publication Defending Jacob, which is slated to premiere on April 24.

The histrion was too of late affiliated to represent Orin Scrivello in the Minuscule Tell on of Horrors bring up. 

Big year: Evans is coming off a big year in 2019, starring in the box office blockbuster Avengers: Endgame and the hit mystery thriller Knives Out

Fully grown year: Evans is future day turned a self-aggrandizing class in 2019, leading in the corner power smash hit Avengers: Endgame and the attain mystery thriller Knives Out

David Ellison, Danu Goldberg, Wear Granger, Bonny Curtis and Julie Lynn will bring forth the celluloid.

Derrickson as well directed the airplane pilot installment for the raw Trinitrotoluene serial publication Snowpiercer, slated to debut May 31.

He is as well connected to theatre director When Gravitational attraction Waterfall and Deuce Eyes Staring, which are tranquillise in various stages of growth. 

Coming soon: Derrickson also directed the pilot episode for the new TNT series Snowpiercer, slated to debut May 31

Future day soon: Derrickson as well directed the pilot light sequence for the recently TNT serial Snowpiercer, slated to first appearance Crataegus laevigata 31


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